“I’ve been worked on by many professionals, from Doctors to all different types of therapists, and there are few people who have the understanding and ability to treat someone correctly. Very Few! Jess possess that ability to find what is wrong and how to best treat it with a multitude of modalities. I highly recommend him.” – Brain McKenzie from Crossfit

“For treating soft tissue modalities, I can’t say enough or more highly recommend someone, more than Jess.  I’m definitely not what you call an easy case; 4 surgeries (2 back/2 neck), RT brachial plexus injury and severe movement pattern issues due to fascia/nerve damage scarring.  I’ve seen more than my fair share of therapist and most of them treat the point of injury or pain with no real inclination towards finding the root cause.  Jess’s understanding of anatomy, advanced therapy skillset and passion to help people function better, sets him far apart from other therapist!  PT can be extremely painful, especially when advanced techniques like ART and Graston are being used. If you lack trust in your therapist, those techniques can create psychological barriers; which can reduce their effectiveness.  As soon as you begin your consultation, you can tell Jess thoroughly understands his craft and that sets your mind at ease.  There is nobody I trust more or has helped my body move better, than Jess.  HIGHLY highly recommend!” – Carl Bjork – Body Builder

“Experienced runner and triathlete plagued with overuse and compensation injuries in my lower legs. My body has always responded well to mayofascial release, Trigger Point and ART. I consider myself experienced in these techniques and knowledgeable on how my body works and responds to this type of treatment.  I have never had such profound and overwhelmingly positive results by anyone other than Jess. His expertise in his field of work is far superior to anyone that I have ever had work on me, bar none. There are many so called professionals out there who work on people and say they understand the body, muscle release and these techniques.  Don’t be fooled, and end up a disbeliever caused by people with lack of knowledge. Jess is your guy and once he works on you, you will end up mad at yourself for not finding him earlier” – Jeff Cornelius – World Class Swimmer

“Over the past month I have set a personal record in the marathon and 50k distances and placed 3rd female in a 50 mile race. Because of Jess, I have been able to stay injury free while running such high mileage races and he has helped me to recover between races so that I am able to push myself hard from week to week. I have worked with other manual therapists in the past, but never have received such outstanding results as I have with Jess”. Alexa Dickerson – Ultra Runner.

“Jess has been treating me for over one year and is absolutely  the reason I remain injury free and able to push the envelope in competitions.   I love his passion for his work and hunger for knowledge.  He is keenly aware how the body works and immediately finds abnormalities and resolves them.   Being an athlete for some time now I have had a lot of body work done and Jess is by far the best”.
-Gina Evans/Crossfit Ethos Athlete

“I have worked with a few decent manual therapists over the years, however Jess Dyrenforth is by far one of the most knowledgeable and capable practitioners I have ever dealt with. Working with Jess dramatically improved my posture, pain and stiffness. He is constantly learning how to improve his skills and his clients reap the rewards of his continuing education as he incorporates all of it into his sessions. Whatever is needed, he pulls from his vast knowledge base and the outcome is nothing short of miraculous. By my own choice, I do not use medication and Jess’ abilities allow me to forego it while Western Medicine would have me doped to the gills. Thank you Jess”.
-Hillary Morgan, Huntington Beach.

“Jess treated a snowboarding knee injury of mine on several occasions. He took a much different approach than other Bodyworkers, first testing my knee’s stability, flexibility, tenderness, and speaking to me about complaints before starting work. He then concentrated on specific muscle groups — using pressure on some points and strokes on others. After each treatment, my knee felt great — much lighter and more freedom of movement. I highly recommend him and his keen anatomical awareness”. Shane Cobern from Los Angeles

“Jess Dyrenforth is an excellent therapist. I have three slipped discs in my neck and had severe pain and muscle tightness for years. He was able to alleviate the pain and tension.. His hands are magic, and once you try him you will agree. It is a small price to pay for a better quality of life” Dora From Pomona

“My Dyrenforth has consistently received high praise from the patients I have referred to him. As an actual client myself with over 12 years of manual therapy experience, Jess”s touch and ability to feel soft-tissue abnormalities are as good as any I’ve seen.”
-Dr Koh, DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy.

“I never knew how much Bodywork could benefit me until Jess started working on me. He definitely extended my skating career.”
-Arlo Eisenberg X Games Gold Medalist

“Bodywork has benefited me is so many ways in both body and mind. Jess has always fixed me up”.
-Fabiola Da Silva 7  Time X Games Gold Medalist

“Jess has been treating me for about 2 years now and has done a fantastic job! Anything from loosening me up before a race to some serious body/repair work after a grueling expedition race or ultra marathon. Jess really understands how the body works and the various manipulations
to make it perform at its absolute best!”
-Mark Matyazic Ultra Marathon Runner

“You cannot go wrong with Jess Dyrenforth as your holistic body worker” Jess has a great awareness and understanding of the body and how to promote healing.” Being a massage therapist myself, I have the highest of expectations when it comes to my personal treatment of chronic pain and acute sports related injuries.” I am extremely impressed with his utilization of several different modalities (types of massage) to promote and encourage the healing process.” I always leave his office with relief from pain and I am so thankful to have found Jess for a therapist.”
-Tricia Lockwood, B.S., C.M.T.

“After a series of rear end accidents, a misdiagnosis of my knee, many orthopedic surgeons, physical therapy, acupuncture, pool therapy etc.I met jess. He is smart, skilled , intuitive kind and thoughtful . He has magic hands, powerfull guided hands .Powerfully guided by the big brain ,if he can”t figure it out, he studies. I finally had a total hip replacement. I am absolutely sure that without his care I would have never been able to continue working. He made life bearable until I was ready to make the leap. “Prior to the surgery, I went through Heller sessions with jess. After 2 years of pain an inch and a half shortness in my right leg, I think the sessions made me flexible so I could heal correctly and fast .I was back to work after 6 weeks .I have no limp. No pain. I feel like the luckiest girl to have met jess and I now consider him my friend, and healer.”
-Carri Faber from Los Angeles

“Jess Dyrenforth consistently provides exceptional treatments that bring relief from both injuries and deeper, chronic issues.” Each massage Jess gives is a careful and skillful response to your body’s individual needs, both short-term and long-term.” I didn’t just benefit temporarily from working with Jess, but have a better functioning body because of his mindful approach to Bodywork.”
-Rebecca Westerman from Santa Ana