Providing a Clean and Safe Environment

As a health practitioner, keeping you pain-free and healthy is my main priority.


In regard to concerns regarding the Corona Virus, here are a few of the precautionary measures I have been implementing during this Pandemic:


    • Temperature check upon arrival


    • Front door is left open during treatments


    • Installed sanitizer machine at the entrance


    • Rebuilt HVAC system with more filters and better airflow


    • Front door is left open during treatments


    • Installed HEPA filters and air purifiers


    • Using medical grad wipes and cleaning solutions to wipe down the equipment and disinfect in between each patient


    • Wiping down, spraying and disinfecting the bathroom and high touch areas such as doors and the sink


    • Washing my hands as well as changing face covers and sheets in between each patients




To add further protection, I am requesting that all of my patients follow the guidelines below:


    • Please wait outside until your appointment time


    • Wear a mask to your appointment


    • Wash or sanitize your hands upon arrival


    • If you're not feeling well or are showing any signs of being unwell, please cancel or reschedule your appointment



Please let me know if there are any other questions or concerns that I can address. I appreciate your trust and know that I will do everything in my power to provide a safe and healing environment.

~ Jess