Michelle Barton ultrarunner

Jess is amazing at helping injured athletes return to their sport. With his decades of experience as a pro athlete and therapist, he knows how to pinpoint an injury. He is an amazing endurance athlete and ultrarunner himself, so he understands the importance of getting back into your sport as soon as possible. Jess has helped me on two specific occasions where I was injured from running. One time in 2015, I could barely walk without sharp pain and limping from a torn TFL and I walked out of the office not limping and able to get back to my sport of ultramarathons much quicker. Jess treated me with graston tooling, light therapy and KT tape. The graston really helped a lot. He also helped me relax my muscles and open the adhesions in my calf and quads. It is hard to find someone you trust with your body when you are in pain and I trust Jess 100%. He is the best sports therapist in Orange County! Thank you Jess for always fixing my running injuries.

Ultramarathon Runner

Jess has been treating me for about 10 years now and has done a fantastic job! Anything from loosening me up before a race to some serious body/repair work after a grueling expedition race or ultramarathon. Jess really understands how the body works and the various manipulations to make it perform at its absolute best!

Ultramarathon Runner

Mark Matyazic Ultrarunner
Matt Patterson Yoga Instructor


He knows what he’s doing!!! Very knowledgeable & can explain things to you. With all the tools that he has under his belt, he will create results for your body.

Improved range of motion... relaxing the muscles.. relief and release.. he can do it all. Grateful to have found Jess. He’s done great things for my shoulder and overall well being. I recommend him to all my friends and family. Thank you!

Yoga Instructor

As a drag racer it’s important to be focused while in the car. When I’m in pain or discomfort I’m distracted. Upon the launch of my As a drag racer it’s important to be focused while in the car. When I’m in pain or discomfort I’m distracted. Upon the launch of my 1000 horsepower dragster the “G” forces can affect my neck and shoulders. To be on my game I need to be 100 percent. Jess has helped me to alleviate muscle issues so I can have quick reaction times while racing and remain focused on driving and winning. My performance in the car has directly improved due to the body work I receive from Jess. I highly recommend his services.

Professional Drag Racer

Lori Warden Professional Drag Racer

I’ve been worked on by many professionals, from doctors to all different types of therapists, and there are few people who have the understanding and ability to treat someone correctly. Very few! Jess possesses the ability to find what is wrong and best treat it using a multitude of modalities. I highly recommend him.

Founder of Crossfit

As a collegiate tennis player trying to find my game again after 15 years and a few surgeries, I turned to Jess 18 months ago for help. I specifically needed help improving my range of motion and finding a new way to generate speed and power since I don’t have time for the gym. The treatments I have been receiving have done exactly that. They have helped me counter the damage that hours of sitting at a desk has done to my body and find a new way to be competitive. I highly recommend seeing Jess if you are a competitive athlete or just a weekend athlete trying to regain glory like me.

Tennis Player

Sandeep Madhavan tennis player
Michael De Wit riding BMX

Jess has been able to identify and treat some of my major past and current BMX injuries, having saved me from taking pain medicine or even having to get surgery, someting that other doctors and therapists simply couldn't figure out. I truly believe that it takes one to know one and because of Jess, being the fellow BMX rider that he is, I am able to continue to ride and design at the level I desire.

BMX Rider / Designer

Jess Dyrenforth has consistently received high praise from the patients that I have referred to him. As an actual client myself with over 20 years of manual therapy experience, I can honestly say that Jess’ touch and ability to feel soft-tissue abnormalities are as good as any I’ve seen.

DPT - Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr Koh, PT
Dr Black, Chiropractor

Jess is obviously committed to knowing everything about massage and bodywork . He does cupping, tool work and every type of massage. His background in cycling, running and multiple other sports has laid down the foundation for his sports injury knowledge. I've gone to him for everything from achilles tendonitis to a low back spasm and I usually got cured after a couple sessions.


Jess recently helped me through a severe case of muscle spasms and bulged back discs this summer. Jess got me back healthy twice as fast as I would have on my own. When you are as active and as old as me, you need a good team by your side.

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I have been a tennis pro for 14 years and suddenly experienced shoulder pain which I was afraid could’ve been a tear in my rotator cuff. However, after a few sessions of ART with Jess Dyrenforth my pain was gone and my performance was back to 100%. When joint pains and tight muscles creep up, I just request an appointment, no more worries. During this frustrating time my shoulder wouldn't allow me to serve 100 mph due to the pain and after going through ART my serve speed was clocked at 132 mph.

Tennis Player

Jess TRULY has the hands of a healer. I mean, I think I would have a breakdown if he ever moved away. I have serious issues with my shoulders and neck (knots and what not, haha, get it?) and just by looking at me he can tell what's wrong. He literally, I kid you not, will take his finger and put it on your exact problem area without having to search. It's like he just knows somehow. He walks you through everything and explains what's wrong, why and how each part of your body works with each other. Honestly I've been to many people and not many can get my knots out. I'm not looking for a relaxing spa type massage--I'm looking for someone to put my body through what it needs to do to get better. It's painful and rough, but I know I need that in order to feel better after, and I do... a TON. It totally makes a difference. I'm a new mom and handling a baby all day takes it's toll on my body. Jess totally takes the burden off my shoulders, literally.

A plus, he totally makes you feel comfortable and he's VERY professional. I know a lot of women are apprehensive about men working on them but I only prefer men as they seem to be able to work my shoulders out. He also has such an interesting background as he used to be a professional athlete! Lots of great stories from this guy.

Yes, he's a bit pricey, but trust me, you will feel better, and will get better. This is a not a temporary fix. He once told me he would rather not have to see me all the time long term rather his goal is to fix me eventually and send me on my way. I love that!

Irvine, CA

Jess treated a snowboarding knee injury of mine on several occasions. He took a much different approach than other massage therapists, first testing my knee’s stability, flexibility, tenderness, and speaking to me about complaints before starting work. He then concentrated on specific muscle groups – using pressure on some points and strokes on others. After each treatment, my knee felt great – much lighter and more freedom of movement. I highly recommend him and his keen anatomical awareness.

Los Angeles

I’m an ultra runner and Jess helped me with my ITB issue. Last year, I ran SD 50 and half way through, I felt a pinch in my right ITB. The last 25 miles were painful, I was limping and walking. This year, I trained harder and did not have any ITB issues during training. But during my taper, a few days before the SD 50, I started to feel some discomfort in the same right ITB again. I went to see Jess and he did his magic to loosen up my right ITB. I completed the SD 50 with a new PR and no ITB issues at all! Thanks Jess!

Ultra Runner